Terlet serves up tasty solution for AB World Foods

Holmach are delighted to announce the supply of a new cooking system for the production of AB World Foods ethnic sauces including the leading Patak’s™ brand.

Following a request for Holmach to examine the current cooking system and recommend improvements, a new 3,000 litre cooking vessel and a Terlotherm™ scraped surface heat exchanger were installed at the Leigh factory, allowing product produced in the vessel to be rapidly heated on transfer to the filler.  The boosting of temperatures guarantees the pasteurisation process could be optimised as the initial temperature of the product was higher – leading to improved product quality especially on vegetables that are included in some of the recipes.

3,000 litre cooking vessels are just part of the Terlet range of cooking and aseptic systems.  The 3 ton vessel supplied includes a high shear mixer for particulates and powders, a special dimpled jacket heating system that gives 30% energy saving efficiency over standard heating jackets and an in-line homogeniser for making the sauce bases smooth and glossy.  With easy access for tipping of ingredients, AB World Foods are very happy with the speed at which batches can be prepared, and are then transferred over to a buffer tank near the filler.  Cooking times have been reduced significantly and the injector technology means a saving of 1% of steam usage on every batch.

Terlotherm, the unique scraped surface heat exchanger from Terlet, features only one mechanical seal and drive meaning much lower maintenance costs and the ability to inspect machine and scrapers without disturbing the seal.  One Terlotherm is able to do the job of 3, 4 or even 5 units from other manufacturers with no constant drip-drip of leaky seals.

Andrew Downie, Operations Manager at AB World Foods commented: “ We have much experience on scraped surface heat exchangers and had used other systems until we were introduced to the Terlotherm by Holmach.  The machine not only delivers superior quality product, but has proved totally reliable and has replaced a bank of 4 units from our previous supplier.”

But product quality is what the Terlotherm is about, whether heating or cooling, crystallising or gelling.  Designed for soft particulates, the rotation speed of the scraper arms can be as little as 10 rpm or as high 150rpm. On the AB World Foods product, even delicate onion strands can be handled without cutting or chopping, a major advantage over their existing technology.

With temperatures being boosted up to 20 degrees C between buffer and filler, the product does not get held at ultra high temperatures for very long, hence the lack of damage to delicate ingredients!  The machine has proved such a hit that AB World Foods have ordered a second machine for another line.


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