Lagarde secures major UK Petfood order


Holmach’s longest serving Principal, Lagarde Autoclaves is building new retorts for a major UK petfood processor, to be installed at the end of 2010.

The customer, having compared cycle times and energy consumptions from all the major retort suppliers, decided that the Lagarde steam/air technology gave them the best product, at the lowest possible costs.

The 2 door retorts are designed for through the wall operation, allowing true segregation from the processing and packaging sides of the factory.

Lagarde Autoclaves For Pouches

Optimised for pouches, each Lagarde 2 meter diameter unit is over 8 meters long and can accomodate nearly 12,000 petfood pouches per batch.

Commenting on the order, Chris Holland said: ” We are delighted to have proven once again, that Lagarde remain at the forefront of autoclave technology. The two door design utilised is a major first on this size of retort, and Lagarde engineers have worked hard to ensure the new technology employed has been fully tested.”

Lagarde remain one of the few manufacturers in the world to produce autoclaves using all types of different process medium including steam/air, steam spray, raining water and full water immersion technologies.


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