Major UK order for seed sterilisation

Holmach has recently secured the first major order for a Revtech seed sterilising and toasting unit, destined for the UK.

Revtech processing Sesame Seeds

With recent issues and product recalls on products such as sesame and pumpkin seeds as well as almonds, the Revtech unit is able to guarantee a 6 log reduction on microbial populations and the total elimination of Entero-bacteria such as E-coli and Salmonella.

Using a patented process, the machine is able to decontaminate using a combination of dry heat with a steam cycle to effectively handle seeds and nuts without mechanical damage. Systems are available with capacities ranging from 100kgs to 10 tons per hour. It is also ideal for cereals, herbs, spices, pulses and gums.

Not using steam to heat the product ensures that the essential oils are not stripped, the moisture content is controlled and as importantly, product is discharged cool, ready for immediate packing, minimising the risk of recontamination. The steam part of the process only occurs once the product is at temperature, minimising condensation and stripping – which will preserve the seed’s natural defences and shelf life.

Revtech System

 The Revtech system is also highly efficient, minimising the cost per ton to process. The design means that toasting and roasting can also be carried out at the same time – temperatures up to 500 ºC are possible. Other units have recently been supplied in Europe and the United States, for products such as peanuts, almonds, herbs and spices.

 For further information please contact us.

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