Bar Foods install Lagarde

Bar and Restaurant Foods have chosen a Lagarde 5 basket Autoclave for the production of high quality food products in pouches and trays. The system came into full production in the last quarter of 2008 and has allowed Bar to capitalise on new market opportunities.

Stackable trays allow maximum capacity on new packaging formats such as the Guala doypack fitted with a spout and catering sized pillow packs of soups and sauces.

As well as full sterilisation, the machine is set up for the pasteurisation of ready meals and the processing of food ingredients such as rice, sauces and soups.

Fitted with the latest Samantha® PC control system, high accuracy processing means less than 15 mBar of pressure deviation from the set-point and less than 1°C temperature variation – all measured and controlled in real time.

Fitted with a plate heat exchanger for cooling, the retort features touch screen operation with full recipe and batch recording, the latter being downloaded to a USB stick in pdf format. This allows emailing of the batch history and printing from any PC without specialist software ensuring full compatibility with FDA requirements.

Bill Beaumont, Director of Operations at Bar Foods said: “We were looking for the ultimate product quality when we started the search for a retort, and Holmach and Lagarde have not disappointed. The machine is working well, and we have received first class support from Holmach in getting our products right.”

Available in 1 or 2 door formats, and in a variety of diameters, Lagarde has been at the forefront of retort manufacturing since 1954 and is now part of German group Scholz, who manufacture autoclaves for the aviation, carbon fibre and building materials industries – such as toughened glass and aerated concrete.

Other recent UK Lagarde installations have included pasteurised meat products and ready meals with further systems for petfoods, baby foods, soups and sauces.


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